Is The Pope Homo?

The Pope is not a homosexual, he is the best Pope we've had for quite a while. Far be it from me to promote Catholicism and it's anti-semitism, but a step up is a step up and that's what we have in John Paul. We have close friends who know the Pope personally and I've flown to Rome to hear him speak myself at the Vatican. He's been very clear in the past when homosexuality has come to the platform but is obviously haveing some difficulty during this present crisis in condeming people he thought were upright. This is not hard to understand if you think about it. I have/had a friend who was a great youth leader and a long time friend of our family. He was gentle, kind and thoughtful and had an incredible music ministry. I was devestated to find that he has recently moved in with his "boyfriend". I still can't believe it even though it's an overwelming fact as he claims it himself. I'm not so sure I would believe it if he denied it and someone else said it was so... not even if someone "rather" close had told me. I think John Paul is in this same perdicament (sp?). I would be pretty upset if someone said I was a pervert because of this friend of mine under "guilty by association". If my ministry was to be put in secular terms I would be "The cop who busts the cop" so I don't think I'm the type who would defend "established clergy". But in this case, and again this is only addressing if the Pope is a pervert (his own Jewish self hate is a different matter) I would uneqivically say "no, he is not a homosexual".

Let's remember just a few years ago. It was like this: The queers here in the US came to him and said, " Can gays be priests?" He said, "NO! ...... Next.

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